Unknown - Chapter 15

     Chapter 15

     An invisible hand slapped Bara on the face, throwing the huge bear across the room. “You fool!” Varoum looked at the bear. Azure flames shot from his eyes. The bear was frightened, his hands and legs trembling with fear. He vomited on the cool gray floor, spewing blue liquid onto it.

     Varoum paced the between the tables. The high chair loomed behind him like a king. “The boy has a Guardian with him now…” he murmured alone. His breath paced with him as he go, rising and falling. His steps flared with blue flame. Bara pushed himself up and bowed to the little turtle in silence. His hands and knees still tremble in fear.

     Varoum shot a glance a Bara. “Come here! I think it’s time to wake another general into the battle” he commanded the bear. The tiny slit that was the bear’s eyes widened. “What do you mean, Lord Varoum?”.

     Varoum looked to the high chair. “If one Guardian has already sided with the boy, then the others will follow suit. You can no longer get the gauntlet without having to face all of the Guardians” he paused. “And you won’t be able to face all four of them”.

     Bara looked at the turtle. “Who should I wake, Lord Varoum?” his heart trembled with anger. His chance to prove his worth had gone up in smokes.

     The turtle turned to the bear. A strange glitter shot out from his eyes. “Wake Virin up” he smiled. The bear watched in horror.

     “The Spider-Witch Virin, my Lord?” Bara leaned forward frowning.

     “Yes, the Spider-Witch” Varoum stepped up the stairs towards the high chair. He placed his staff at the end of the chair’s hand rest and hauled himself up. He let out a grunt as he sat himself of the chair.

     “Go and report back to me once you done that” his voice boomed. Bara nods and left the room. The door closed behind him and Varoum looked to the only hole inside the room. No light pierced the room from the hole. It was dark.

     Varoum rubbed his scaly forehead. “How to cross the ocean…” he mumbled to himself.

     Bara stomped his feet as he cross the tunnel towards the deep belly of the mountain. A metal door hissed open and the cool chill from the rock walls around him changed into a warm whiff of sulphur. Red shadows painted the wall to his side as he moved down the switchback stairs. The room was noisy with the constant woosh of fiery red lava from the core of the earth. No human could have lived inside such a furnace making it the ideal place to hide. Smokes bellowed from the lava up towards the peak of the mountain.

     Bara stepped onto the metal platform above the lava and walked down the narrow walkway towards another platform riddled with green glass tanks. A wolf sat with his back to the furnace looking at the armies of green glass tanks that stretched into the side of the mountain. He looked to his side.

     “General Bara. How nice to see you here” the wolf glee. His pure wolf voice annoys the bear. The wolf hunched as he stood on his hind legs.

     Bara looked at the wolf. “Lord Varoum had instructed me to awaken the Spider-Witch” he said with anger in his tone. The lave behind them explode.

     “I see, then the situation is dire, I presume?” the wolf cocked his head to the side. His mouth stretched all the way to his eyes, as if humiliating the bear.

     “Just wake the Spider-Witch up” the bear clenched his fists. Had the wolf not being the only one who could operate the machines, he would have chopped his head off a long time ago.

     The wolf giggled. “Don’t be so angry, General. One Spider-Witch coming right up!” he smiled and pulled a lever on the machine. The green glass tanks in front of him lit up and the chains above them began to move. Gears around the tanks spun, slow and precise, moving the green glass tanks to the front one at a time. A monitor on the machine flashes up the names of the specimen inside the tank as it moves up.

     “Lord Varoum’s creation is marvelous, don’t you think?” the wolf rubbed his paws together. “Had it not been for his genius thinking, all of this sleeping General would’ve died” he giggled again. His head shake everytime he laughs.

     Bara clicked his tongue. He wanted to finish the job as fast as he could and get out of the place. The wolf began to annoy him. “Just hurry it up”. He clenched his teeth.

     The machine whirred and more glass tanks move up. Names of the general stuck in suspended animation flashes the monitor on the machine. The Mouse-Assassin, The Elephant-Fort, all the names of the old Generals preserved by Lord Varoum before Grahms, the Elder who sealed the Source’s body, was able to destroy them. Bara shuddered at the memories of the battle.

     The machine clicked and the wolf pushed the lever back to its place. The monitor bleeped and flashed the name Bara was waiting for.

     The Spider-Witch.

     The glass tank hissed and the chains holding above it stopped. A mechanical arm held the bottom of the tank and snailed it towards the wolf and the bear. The hand clicked and stopped. Vapor erupted from the glass tanks. Dew began to trickle at its surface. The lave behind them explode for the fourth time. A whirring sound followed the explosion and the water inside the glass tank began to drain. Flashes of blue lightning streaked the side of the tank as the water inside spilled into the lava below. The specimen inside the tank, a spider with the body of a female jerked.

     Another sparks of blue lightning streaked the tank and jolted the female spider inside it. The spider jerked again and again as the process repeats itself.

     On the tenth try, the spider jerked and its hands moved. The water was already drained and its body limped on the metal floor of the glass tank. Then, as if its lung tasted air for the first time, the spider jerked backwards, sucking air as much as it could and screamed. The glass on the tank vibrated, humming until the spider in it stopped screaming. It pants. Its eight legs began to wiggle itself.

     Bara looked to the wolf standing next to him. “Good, prepare General Virin for briefing” his words were simple and void of his earlier anger. Bara turned towards the narrow walkway and heads out, taking the stairs back towards the metal door where it hissed and then closed with a whump.

     The wolf’s eyes trailed the bear as he disappeared behind the stairs before turning it back towards the spider inside the glass tank. “Now then General Virin, time to put you up and back into business” the wolf broke into a sly grin.

     The lava behind him explodes for the fifteenth time.

     The metal door behind him closed to a humph and the cold chill air of the cave rushed towards him, greeting him. Bara wiped his drenched face. He felt easier inside the cool cave than the hot core. The dark empty tunnel paved its way in front of him. He looked at it and clicked his tongue.

     The wolf hooked the spider up on a huge chair with wires attached to her body. Her head swayed in an arc, she groaned, her mouth twitched and parted. The eight slits lining up at the side of her nose glowed and spat out an occasional fire. Her two slender arms moved, the claws at her hands tapped on the metal chair every so often. Her eight legs were folded on one another. The huge hump behind her back laid behind her eight legs.

     “Now it’s time for you to wake up…” the wolf sneered and pulled a lever next to the chair. Tracts of red molten lava began to climb up from underneath the chair. Sparks of tiny blue lightning flew between her fingers. They jerked as does her body. The molten lava climbed into the chair and was pumped into the body of the spider from her back. The chair turned red and the spider jerked. Her body heats up and the fire in her eight eyes shot into the air, red, yellow then blue. She let out an ear deafening scream and her claws cleaved the hand rest of the metal chair. Drools of lava oozes out from the chair and fell onto the metal walkway, burning right through it with a hiss.

     The wolf pushed the lever up and watched as the molten lava drained itself out from the chair back into the pool behind him. The chair hissed as the heat from the lava was instantaneously cooled down. The spider on the chair moved her sharp claws with precision around her body, cutting the wires attached to her with great annoyance. Icicles jutted from the edge of the chair’s hand rest, pointing towards the wolf.

     “Bregan… it has been a long time…” the female spider’s voice was a mix of bees and snakes. Her sharp claws navigated the wolf’s feature, carefully tracing the lines that make up his face, his jaw and his teeth. The wolf smiled but quickly jerked his head up. The sharp claw of the spider’s hand jabbed underneath his chin. Bregan gave a weary laugh.

     “General Virin, commander of the Third Army, welcome back to Bromvia” his voice stuttered. Icicles formed at the end of each of his furs. His fangs rattled with themselves. The heat from the lava pool behind him fades, giving way to a weird icy chill. His breath turned white and the flame in his eyes began to flicker.

     The spider smiled and moved away from the wolf. Bregan chocked and coughed out tiny particles of snow. His hands and legs pale.

     “Thank you Bregan…” the spider turned towards the wolf. Bregan looked at her with his hands holding himself.

     “Lord Varoum wishes you awakened” Bregan rubbed his arms with his hands.

     She looked to the lava pool, indifferent to Bregan’s words. “I see” her eight eyes twinkled at the sight of the lava. “I will see to the lord then, thank you again Bregan” she smiled at the wolf and walks away from the metal platform and up the stairs. The metal door above hissed and closed behind her.

     Bregan stared at the lava pool. The icy chill from Virin’s touch still lingers in his body.

     “I really hate that woman…” Bregan told the lava pool. His voice still stuttered though the paleness in his arms and legs were gone. His furs were drenched and his body felt weird.

     Varoum sat on the high chair when the white chill jellied out from the edges of the door. He watched as the door creak open, a contrast to what he had been hearing before. He smiled.

     “Virin, I see Bara did went to awake you” Varoum’s voice leaped before the door stopped creaking. The room echoed with the sound of Virin’s clicking footsteps. A chuckle came from beyond the door.

     “And I see you still helm the others…” the hissing and buzzing words echoed inside the room. Varoum smiled again. “Thank you for the complimentary”.

     Virin stepped into the room. Her icy presence chilled the room beyond its normal realm. Icicles began to form around the crevices and the protruding edges of the walls. The scrolls on the table began to freeze with white snowflakes topping them. The air around the high chair crackled. Blue lightning from around the force field clashes with the white powdery snow in the air. “As powerful as ever” she gave Varoum a fiendish smile.

     The temperature rose and the icicles around the room melted into puddles of water. Virin walked closer. Her eyes watched the scrolls wilt; soaked to its very seams yet the ink on it never fades nor diluted by the water. She turned her head towards Varoum. “What is it that you wish from me, Varoum?”

     “A favor” Varoum leaned forward.

     “As always, and what is this favor?” she turned to look around the room, reminiscing her past.

     “The seals, they have shown themselves” Varoum shifted his weight.

     “Oh” she darted her gaze back towards the little turtle on the high chair. “And have you found the first seal?”

     Varoum sighed. “That is the problem. A boy has it”. He leaned his head to his side, supporting it with his fist.

     “You, Varoum, the most powerful general of all the thirteen generals, have a problem with a boy?” her laughter echoed the room. “You must be joking, Varoum”

     “This is no ordinary boy, Virin. A Guardian is with him and you know what that means” he clenched his fists.

     Virin looked at him.”Ah, now that is a problem. Soon the others will join him, yes?” She grinned. “And you want me to do what?”

     Varoum smiled. “Destroy them all”