Unknown - Chapter 14

     Chapter 14

     The sun bore its head along the horizon, its orange tentacles swept across cloudy sky, burning the darkness of the night, turning them gray. The sand on the beach wavered at the sight of the wave as it hits them, pulling them towards the ocean against their will. The seagulls gathered around the trees, eyeing for something to swim towards them. The cold sea breeze brushed the trees, pulling their branches as their trunks pulled them back.

     A heavy foot meshed itself into the sand, separating them between its plump fingers. Another foot meshed into the sand, standing next to its brother.

     “And what do we have here?” a voice came from the feet. It was high pitched almost like a girl and slurred at the end of its words.

     A tree trunk of an arm fell between the slender body of the young teenager and the beach sand and picked him up onto its shoulder. It let out a huff and hunched.

     “You are quite the heavy thing” the voice turned around with the body on his shoulder. The woods behind him sang with voices of the birds and monkeys.

     Foams of bubbles swell up from underneath the ocean. A huge shadow rose and broke the ocean’s surface, carrying the bubbles with it. The black ship rose from underneath the ocean with the thunderous sound of a waterfall. The black keel, glittering underneath the orange sun poked its body out along with the rudder. The body of the ship followed suit. Halfway through, it rolled to its side back up. The huge masts broke the surface, saltwater streamed from the sails. The holed side of the ship rose higher. The water around the holes avoided them as it something was plugged to them. Ocean water poured from the deck back into the ocean as the ship began to turn upright. The sail stretched. Hisses of vapor rose from the sails, evaporating any traces of water on the canvases. The ship’s rudder touched the water and sinks back in, upright. The deck was wet, fishes caught when the ship tilt itself back up jumped on the deck, breathing for water. Two pair of hands gripped tight the ship’s rail.

     Alen’s head broke the ocean’s surface. The sun was high and the sea was calm. His hand cringed, the skin crumpled from absorbing too much water. Alen gave himself a final push and threw his body back onto the deck. Kalvel sat with his back on the bulwark next to him. They were both heaving for air.

     Alen looked at his sides and quickly sat up. He looked at Kalvel whose eyes were still closed.

     “Where’s Enil?”

     The weird smell of burnt wood snuffed Enil’s nostrils. He coughed and groaned. His brain felt like it’s trying to drum its way out of his head. He turned to his sides and felt something prickling down his body. He scratched his hands, then his body and his legs but the itch never stop. The weird smell came to his senses again. He rolled to his side and vomits.

     “Easy now, young man” a strange voice came from above him. Enil tried to open his eyes but his eyelids refused. He tried again and it still refused his commands. Enil panicked. “My eyes, I can’t open them!” he trashed his bed. The itch on his body worsened.

     “I said, relax!” the strange voice boomed and it instantaneously stopped Enil’s movement. It was baritonic and not the strange high pitched voice he had heard earlier. The bed he trashed gathered together and began to sew itself back. Enil’s heart jumped at the voice, fear snaked into his mind. Outside, the birds were singing and the monkeys were shouting, angry at the sudden terrifying sound that had just woke them from their sleep.

     Something brushed Enil’s eyelids. “Now try to open your eyes, slowly” the voice, the same high pitched and girl like voice, commanded him. Enil gulped and nod. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes, slowly as the voice had instructed him to. His eyelids moved, it flutters and then with great strength it pushes itself away from his vision.

     The world around him was a massive wall of dirt and a roof made of straight leaves, woven together until it is nearly watertight. A square faced man, with a huge nose and tiny sunken eyes and thin parted lips emerged from the corners of his eyes. His face was grim.

     Enil shot up. The leaves covering his body scattered onto the dirt floor. He was naked.

     The square faced man shook his huge head and went outside. The air was fresh filled with the scent of dirt and flowers that Enil could not possibly knew of. The young man look around the dirt house with his mouth gaped. His eyes jumped from the walls to the roof, from the dirt floor to the jumbled leaves put together as his bed, to the leaves on the floor.

     The leaves on the floor, Enil’s eyes stuck to it. It wiggle which at first Enil thought it was because of the wind, but only to realize that there was no wind blowing into the small house. The long straight jumble of leaves wiggled again and stood, on their side. They all turned to Enil who took an abrupt step backwards, mouth still gaped and fingers pointing. The leaves turned to each other. The upper ends of their leaves rattled. Enil frowned. The leaves turned to him again before it turned its long straight bodies to the jumbled bed of leaves and ram themselves into it. Turning and weaving on top of the pile into a long and comfortable looking blanket made out of leaves.

     Enil screamed.

     “Hey!” The square faced man shouted with his baritonic voice interrupting Enil’s scream. His square head turned towards Enil. “You’re scaring away the birds you idiot, cut that down!” His tiny eyes burned with brown fire.

     Enil screamed again.

     The square faced man rolled his eyes and sighed. He picked up a handful of dirt and threw it towards Enil’s face. The screaming stopped. Only a muffled sound emerged from inside the dirt house. The square faced man turn his head around and watch as the birds began to flock his trap again. His thin parted lips bend.

     “Hey Edabu!” Kalvel shouted. The black ship had dried up and the sails were already doing their job as the wind began to pick up behind them. The holes on the side wall of the ship have been patched. Eliza emerged from inside the hold with three bottles of juice and sat them in front of her father. Sadness carved her face, rendering the once beautiful girl somewhat weird.

     Edabu emerged from the hold with a hammer in his hand. He had been patching the side of the ship with magic and some hard labor. “This is a little weird” he rubbed his chin with the back of his hand.

     Alen emerged from the bow. He sighed at the sight of Edabu and Kalvel looking at each other.

     “So what do we do then? We can’t let that boy disappear, he’s just as important as this one” he points a thumb to Alen. The tattoo on his hand still glows.

     Alen picked up a bottle of juice and popped the cork open. He thrusts the bottle into his mouth and gulped it hard.

     Edabu and Kalvel turned their eyes to Alen. “I think I know what to do but it will take some time” Edabu stared at the sad young man in front of him. “What are you waiting for, go do it!” Kalvel thrusts a bottle towards Edabu and watched as the Guardian head back into the hold. Kalvel popped out the cork from the bottle and emptied the bottle. “Don’t they have wine in that hold somewhere?” he grumbled.

     Edabu emerged with Eliza on tow. Her sad face looked away from the deck.

     “Okay, you can sit down here” Edabu waved his hand towards a spot on the deck. He looked at Alen who was looking at the sky. “Come Alen, I will need your help as well” and waved for Alen to join him. The young man pulled himself up and brushed his salt tasted pants. The sun hits his bare body. The silver gauntlet in his arm glowed, sending chill into him.

     Kalvel got up and leaned his back onto the mast. The glow on his tattoo began to fade and the jovial look in his face began to disappear.

     Edabu pulled Alen and Eliza’s hands and joined them together like a handshake. The two blushed but ignored the thumping of their hearts. “I want you two to focus on Enil, his face, his appearance” he looks at Eliza. “His personality, everything” he turned his gaze towards Alen. “This will be hard on you two but whatever happens, don’t let go, do you understand me?” Edabu darts his eyes to the two who nods in silence.

     “Alright” he sat down, cross legs, facing the joined hands. “Let’s begin”

     Enil trashed around. The dirt had wrapped his hands, legs and mouth. A magic user!... his heart shouts to him. He thumps the earth with his binded legs, he shouts from behind the dirt that gagged his mouth, only to have it absorb by the earth into just another muffled voice. His eyes stared at the square faced man who was sitting laid back on his dirt chair watching the birds out on the open. His head bobbed to the sides.

     Enil looked around. His clothes were missing but he could still feel the gauntlet weaving its power into his vein. Can’t you do anything else other than heal? He asked his gauntlet but it didn’t reply. He eyed the flock of bird chirping and gathering around a huge feast of nuts and fruits. They pecked on the ground, as if being cautious and looking out for traps. Then a bird stopped and turned its head towards Enil who was bounded inside the dirt house. It turned its head and blinked. It blinked again and began to move closer towards the circle with its eyes fixed to Enil.

     The square faced man opened his eyes and shout to the top of his lung. “Terra!” and the earth around the bird explode into a claw, trapping the bird inside like a mouse inside a fist. The man laughed. It was weird, hearing the two different voice coming from the square faced man. He rubbed his hands together as he walks towards the uprooted earth. “Got one for dinner today” he talked to himself. His hand reached the earth and melted into it. Enil’s eyes widened and he gasped underneath the dirt wrapping his mouth. He coughed and spit.

     “Oh, you’re a big one” the square faced man pulled out a blue feathered bird. Its head moved in a frantic motion as it struggles to get out of the man’s huge fingers wrapping its tiny legs. The man looked into the bird’s eyes. “And you are a spy…” the man snorted. “I don’t like spy…” he said to the bird. His other hand slapped the bird hard on the head. The bird shuddered and stilled. Lifeless.

     Alen and Eliza was thrown back. Their handshake broken and they were gasping for air. Kalvel held Eliza in his arms, wrapping her around them. Edabu opened his eyes and breathed out in a slow motion. “What was that?” Alen looked to the Guardian.

     Edabu winced. “That was Shamah, the Earth Guardian”