Unknown - Chapter 13

     Chapter 13

     “Okay I’m lost” Alen stretched his back. “I thought everyone is bound to the Law of Roles” he looked to Edabu then to Kalvel.

     “Yes, but I did not say that it is the only Law in this world” Edabu paused. “The Law of Roles are a created Law, they are not perfect” his eyes glanced at the sky above the bow of the ship.

     Edabu got up and pats himself. “I see the time for explanation is up” he eyed Kalvel. The old man got up and looked towards the horizon. “Ah, so we are out of the realm of the Lordship already…” he walked towards the door heading into the ship. “Come Eliza, the deck will be dangerous for you!” he shouts from beyond the door.

     “Yes father” Eliza looked down and heads towards the door.

     Alen gave Enil a weird look. “What is it?” Enil looked up to Edabu who gulps the bottle of juice empty.


     The two boys looked at each other. “Pirates?”

     Edabu smiled. “Another one of the Undefined… or rather they are the Defined who have gone rogue” He picks his staff and rushed towards the bow of the ship. A huge ship emerged from the darkness of the horizon. A big as the ship Alen and Enil boarded, it was also painted black with a huge mast and a large flag painted with white skull and bones wearing an eye patch. Alen and Enil joined Edabu.

     “Wow, that’s a cheesy flag…” Enil commented and saw Edabu smiled in the gloomy night. “Yes it is my young friend but the people on board are not as cheesy as their flag”.

     Kalvel emerged from the belly of the ship with several swords on hand. He tossed two to Alen and Enil and held two in his hands. He ripped the sleeves to his shirt and wrapped them around his hands. The sword and shield tattoo on his shoulder pulsated in a brilliant gold glow. “You two can play with swords?”

     Enil and Alen gulped at the sight of the sword in their hands. It was heavy on the hilt but light on the blade. The blade curve, the back was thicker with a pit that ran along it from the hilt down to the tip of the sword. The hilt was basket shaped, guarding the hand of the sword holder. “We played with a straight and light one before, but never this curve and heavy”

     “Well then, think of this as practice session. And it’s called a cutlass” Kalvel smiled. He swings the swords around his arms like a rope, slashing the air around him. The sword hummed with each slice. He jerked his shoulder and cracked his neck. A smile broke his somber face. “Enough warming up then”

     The black ship inched closer, its crew stood above the rails waving cutlasses into the air like a party of monkeys with a thick tree branches. Some of them wore scarf on their heads the others let their wavy hair flowed by the winds. A lone figure sat on the ship’s bow.

     "Here they come” Edabu whispered and rolled his hands into a ball.

     Kalvel bend forward, eyes towards the ship. His fingers tapped on the hilt of the sword in his hands. “One thing to remember boys, always slash and no piercing” he tightened the knots around his hands.

     “Surrender your ship!” a female voice broke the sound of the sea around them.

     Edabu smiled at the two teenagers as beads of sweats forming on their foreheads. “Let’s go!” he shouts and he hurled a huge fireball towards the incoming pirate ship.

     “There’s a Magistus in that ship!” the sound of people screaming those words followed the thunderous explosion. The fireball rocked the pirate ship around, nearly toppling it. The fire splinters caught the ship’s deck and the mast. Some of the pirates flew into the dark ocean while others hang on to their dear life as the ship swayed. Water foamed and pounced both ships with their angry waves. Alen and Enil were nearly swept from their place by the impact.

     “Board that ship!” the female voice broke the sound of screaming and praying. Lines of ropes flew into the air, their hooks flashes like signals as it travels between the silver shine of the moon to the dark clouds. A sound of metal hitting the deck rang Kalvel’s ears.

     “It won’t be that easy!” he shouts and he ran towards the sound. The rope on the hook tugged hard and several men were already flying towards the black ship. Kalvel swings his arms high and slashed the ropes one a time. Screams bellowed from under the ship as more pirates fell into the ocean trying to get across. Edabu ran towards the hold and disappeared into the darkness, leaving Alen and Enil blinking.

     “Come on kids! It’s practice session!” Kalvel screamed towards the two teenagers. His cutlass caught another rope and it twanged away back towards its owner. Screams followed the rope before it disappears into the ocean.

     Alen and Enil looked at each other and scrambled for the port side of the ship. More ropes flew into the air. The pirate ship began to stabilize itself and its crew are already swinging the hooks in their hands. Alen looked to them. The moon made them appear like the grunts from hell. Their eyes bulged and reddened with anger. Drool drips down the edges of their mouth. Their beard and long hair danced with the sudden high wind. Their muscles twitched and veins popped from their skins. Alen gulped.

     A thud landed in front of Alen’s feet. He looked at it, surprised in his face. His eyes followed the rope and saw a huge man, bald and angry, light skin wearing only a sash and pants with boots. His hands gripped tight on the rope, tugging it hard. He held his cutlass in his mouth and jumped into the ocean.

     Enil swings his cutlass and cuts the rope. “What are you doing! Stop daydreaming and start cutting man!” He slashed another rope in front of him. Alen shook his head and his eyes vanished into the darkness of the night.

     A rope swung high and landed on the bow of the ship. The two ships began to meet each other’s sides. The pirate crews began to give victory smiles. Alen lunged and ran towards the rope on the bow. The hook had buried itself into the wooden deck. He swings his arm high and slashed down. Another scream followed the rope into the sea.

     Kalvel’s eyed the pirate ship and his gaze met the woman whose voice commanded the crew. “Ready the cannons!”, her voice broke through and the side of the pirate ships opened. Barrels of large iron cannon poked out and aimed at the black ship. Kalvel’s eyes widened. “Oh shit!”


     And the cannons explode.

     The impact rocked the ship, throwing Enil, Alen and Kalvel across the deck. It swayed and the right end of its huge mast hits the surface of the ocean below. The magic Edabu placed on the ship managed to avoid it from capsizing. The side of the ship burned with fire. Holes riddled the side of the ship.

     “Reload the cannon!” the same female voice erupted.

     Irons clanked as the cannons retreated back into the hull of the pirate ship.

     Edabu’s eyes emerged from one the holes pierced by the cannon shot. It burns orange as he watched the cannons being reloaded by the crew inside the hull. He carried a barrel and poked it through the hole aimed at the pirate ship.

     The female on top of the ship’s bow frowned at the sight of the barrel on the ship. “What the hell?”

     Edabu lit the barrel and pressed his hands on the iron rings around the barrel, fusing them into the wood frame. He melted a hole on the side of the barrel and placed a small parchment of paper and lit it.

     “Let’s see if this work” he ran deeper into the hold and held his palm towards the barrel. “Nar” he whispered.

     The barrel explodes.

     Both ship rocked to their sides. The cannons lurched backwards, breaking the chains holding them to the walls of the ship. They slide across the hold and broke through the other side, diving into the dark ocean.

     Alen, Enil and Kalvel were thrown back across the deck. The ship tilted horizontally and broke the ocean’s surfaces. The three clings on the rail as their feet sunk into the cold ocean. Kalvel undid the knot on his hands and threw the cutlasses away, gripping onto the rail instead. “We’re going down!” Enil panicked. “Don’t worry kid!” Kalvel took a deep breath as his chest broke the bubbling sea. “Hold your breath!” Alen shouts. Enil and Alen’s chests rose. Their heads sunk into the ocean and their world turned weirdly dark and cold.

     Enil kicked the sea, panic stricken. Kalvel placed one of his hands on his shoulder and gripped it tight. Alen held his hand calm on Enil’s other shoulder. The kicking stopped but panicked still ran his face. Bubbles exeunt his mouth. His eyes flew in a slow rotation, searching for something to hold on.

     The ship rotated upside down and foams of bubbles invaded its sides. The sea raged as waves pounded on the sunken ship, swallowing it into its belly until it was satisfied.

     The female commander of the pirate ship looked as the black ship in front of her sank. She scowled at the thought that she had just lost precious loot. Her blue navy coat swayed behind her with her black curly hair as she turned away with the ship, leaving the empty ocean.