Unknown - Chapter 12

     Chapter 12

     “The Hero Kalvel? The man who slayed the great Dargon the Witch Lord from the last War of the Lordship?” Alen’s jaw dropped to the deck. His eyes fixed to the man behind the girl watching him gulp down a bottle of juice.

     “The very same man” Eliza smiled again.

      “Wow, what a headache” Enil’s voice erupted from behind the wheel. He rolled to his sides, his face stuck to the railing above the door looking down at Alen. “Where are we?” his eyes darts to the tavern owner and the young girl. “And why are they here?” he shot a weird face towards the deck.

      Enil sat cross legs next to Alen whose legs still stretched out. Eliza sat behind her father. She eyed Enil from behind her father, blushing uncontrollably. Edabu sat across the two boys, cross legs and eyes towards them. Kalvel sat facing the mast, eyes darting between Edabu and the two boys in front of him.

      “So, the big question is, who’s that bald guy?” Enil whispered to Alen. “He’s the same old man who talked to us” Alen bend his head to the side. Enil frowned. “But that guy was ‘old’ this guy is ‘young’”. Alen turned his head to him. “It was a disguise magic”.

     Enil turned his head to Edabu. “I want to learn that magic”, a smile broke across Alen’s face. “Yeah right”

     The old man coughed startling both Alen and Enil. Eliza behind him let out a soft giggle. “So, it is true then, the seals really are showing themselves” his deep voice commanded the fear inside the two boys. They gulped.

     “It is true” Edabu’s voice was calm and collected. He points to the silver gauntlet on Alen’s arm. “That gauntlet is the first seal, the gauntlet of Heroes”.

     Alen waved his hands in front of him. “Wait, wait. I don’t understand, what is this really about?”

     Edabu looked to Kalvel who then looked to Alen and Enil.

     “No one told you?” his deep voice rumbled the air.


     “Who puts that gauntlet on you?”

     “My uncle, Carvas, why?”

     Kalvel cocked his brows. “Wait, Carvas as in Unemor Carvas?”

     Alen looked to the old man. “Yes, why?”

     Kalvel held his stomach. His shoulders and chest jumped as he slapped his lap. “Oh that was funny…”

     “What is?” Alen frowned and look to Enil who looked back at him.

     “Carvas, he died in battle during the siege of the Lordship castle” he wiped the tears in his eyes. “I know because I was the one who laid him to rest”

     The lines on the boys’ forehead deepen.

     “So the question thus becomes… Who puts that gauntlet on you two?” the old man looked to the two boys indifferent. Enil and Alen eyed the gauntlet on their arm. They let out a faint gold and silver glow, pulsating against the night.

     The ship creaked in the still of the night. It yawed, rolled and pitched with the waves and the winds around it. The blue moon covered with mosses of dark clouds taking the reign of the sky. The wheel turned, alone on the bridge without a captain to steer it yet the ship stayed on its course.

     Edabu stood with his hands on the black rail of the ship. He watched as the armies of dark clouds above him snatched the empty sky from the silver shine of the blue moon. A lone footsteps creaked the deck behind him.

     “Care for a drink?” a huge arm threw itself towards Edabu. The man smiled and accepts the bottle, taking a huge gulp from it before handing it back. He coughed and wiped his mouth. “What is that thing?” he looked towards the man as he leaned himself on the rail next to him.

     “Don’t know, I found it in the storage, thought it was wine or something, turns out its not” Kalvel’s face emerged from the darkness as the moon above wrestled with the clouds. He threw the bottle out into the ocean. The salty wind of the sea swept both man’s face.

     “You look far less bulky than when you were at the tavern” Kalvel looked to Edabu. The dark skinned man smiled. “That’s the effect of the magic” he said simple and looked back towards the ocean. He let out a sigh.

     “Why didn’t you use sorcery? I thought Guardians knew all of the known powers” Kalvel shot him a glance. His arms leaned harder to the ship’s rail. The waves slapped the side of the ship.

     “Rumors” he snorted. “I don’t know every known power, I only know those associated to my Element. Besides, no sorcery can be conjure inside the realm of the Lordship” Edabu’s eyes fixed to the sea.

     “So how did you do it?”

     “Do what?”

     “The flame magic. I don’t think there’s oil or tar in the dock”.

     Edabu gave a small smile. His shoulders jerked. “It was a radical idea. Even I was surprise to see it actually worked”. His fingers circled the air in front of his face, creating wobbling orange colored circle. Edabu inched his face towards the circle he had just drew and breaths into it. “Nar” he whispered to the circle and a huge flame shrieked out from it illuminating the deck orange for an instant moment.

     Edabu’s body shrunk a little. Slender than before he lets out the magic flame.

     Kalvel stroked his chin. “I see” he nods as his mind raced for the conclusion Edabu had just told him. “Using body fat as oil and combine it with the air to create fire. That is indeed a radical idea” he paused and looked to Edabu. “A dangerously radical idea”. Edabu smiled and nod.

     “I want to learn it” a voice made the two men turned around.

     “I want to learn magic” Enil stood behind them with vertical lines jutting from his upper nose.

     Edabu shook his head. “You can’t”

     “Why?” he stepped forward.

     “Because only a Teacher can teach you magic and I am not a Teacher, I am a Guardian, Kalvel here is a Warrior, none of us can teach you any of our skills” Edabu stood looking towards the young teenager.

     Alen grabbed Enil’s arm from behind. “What are you doing?”.

     “I’m getting myself learned. I don’t want people’s death in my conscience because I did not do anything for them” His eyes locked with Alen.

     “Fine. Then I’ll go with you” Alen sat cross legs, eyes towards Edabu and Kalvel. “Teach us, what you know” he demanded.

     Edabu sighed. “We can’t teach you what we know. It’s against the Law of Roles” he sat down, leaning on the ship’s bulwark. Kalvel sat next to him. “Although, we can tell you differences in them” he looked to Edabu who said nothing.

     “Then tell us everything about this Law of Roles” Enil sat on the deck next to Alen.

     Edabu closed his eyes. “Very well”

     “The Law of Roles defines who we are and what we do. Every single one of us” Edabu looked to the two teenagers who looked at him with eager eyes. “In it are the King, the highest order in the Law and the only one who masters every element in the Law. Under the King is the Magistus, magic user whose power ranged from Adept to Apprentice to Senior to Master and the most powerful, Lord Magistus. They are the ruler of Magic and Sorcery in this world. Equal to them is the Knighthood. They are the Warriors, Lords, Heroes and Commanders. They command the King’s Army and are usually consulted in times of war.”

     Eliza came with bottles of juice. She sat them at the center and sat behind next to her father, eyes looking down on the deck.

     “Underneath the Magistus and the Knighthood are the Guilds, they are the most commons and have schools that teach civilians only they are less prestigious than the first two” Kalvel took a bottle and popped the cork. He took a gulp from the bottle and wiped the drool from the edge of his mouth. “They are the Assassins, Traders, Worksmith and Miners. They are headed by the Master Assassin, Lord Trader, Master Smith and Master Miner respectively”.

      Edabu pulled a bottle to his side and pulled out the cork. “That is what’s on the King side of the Law. There is also the Queen’s side of the Law and they are only for girls and women just like the King’s are for boys and men”. He took a gulp from the bottle. “And like the King, the Queen is the mistress who mastered every element under her. She is the Lord Healer and the Lord Amazoness”.

     “The female equivalent of the Magistus and the Knighthood” Eliza’s voice rode the wind like a gentle touch.

     “So, are you a Magistus?” Enil shot Edabu a questioning look.

     “No, I am a Guardian” Edabu placed the bottle to his side and jammed the cork back.

     “I am one of the Undefined”.