Unknown - Chapter 11

     Chapter 11

     The two boys landed hard on the dock. Their faces stings and their chests burned from the pain. Their hands and legs stiffened from the fall. They groaned and looked to the creature standing in front of them. Its bear face smiled. The flame in its eyes shot out into the air.

     “Now seal bearer, give me the seal and I will spare your life” the creature’s voice was fluid as if it was a human. Alen held groaned and held his chest. His eyes scorned at the creature. “Never” his words muffled.

     “It is not an option, it is an order” the creature stepped forward. Its furry hands extended towards Alen who was kneeling beside Enil. “Now give it to me” blue flames charred the air around the creature’s mouth. Smokes bellowed from the end of its snout.

     Alen held his hand to the gauntlet. Chills ran down his veins. He closed his eyes. A strange sensation filled his spine. It ran to his brain then down to each muscle in his arms and legs and chest. His lungs felt bigger and his face warm. He opened his eyes and the world changed. It was blue.

     The transformation struck the creature with a surprise. The silver gauntlet on the boy’s arm glowed silver and the boy’s eyes turned pale blue in the wall of darkness.

     “You will never get him, Unknown!” a shout broke through the wall of darkness. An explosion erupted behind the two boys, sending the wooden planks and the water surface blazing with fire. A young man, his skin invisible in the darkness of the wall around him emerged. In his hand he held a small staff. Gold rings wrapped his wrist. The muscles in his arm twitched and hissed. His tunic was orange in the blazing dock. The earrings he wore glows gold. His eyes were red and they were filled with anger.

     “Ah, a Guardian… I should have known” Bara looked at the young man behind the two boys. His hand lunged for the gauntlet on Alen’s arm but the young man behind them had already jumped towards him, arms and staff in front of him. He held his staff forward. “Nar!” he shouts and a huge flame shot into the air towards Bara. The bear stepped back. His hand burned with orange flame. He looked at the young man and smiled. “Magic. Just like the old times” his blue eyes glowed. Blue flames engulfed his hands.

     Edabu landed in front of Alen and Enil and placed his hand to Alen’s forehead. The color of his eyes changed back to brown and he slumped to the ground. Enil groaned behind him, holding his chest. His cape still wrapped around him.

     “Take Alen and go to the ship” Edabu spoke without turning his head. Enil coughed, his head hurts but he nods. He pushed himself up and knelt beside his friend. His hand quickly grabbed Alen’s arms. “Where is the ship?” he yelled back. The fire was sapping away his strength. He coughed. Tears and sweat flowed down his cheeks.

     Edabu waved his arm backward and a small fire danced above the wooden planks. A blast opened the wall of darkness, creating a fiery exit. The small flame rushed outside and bends to the right. “Follow the flame, it will show you” Edabu’s eyes fixed to the Unknown in front of him. The fire began to eat away at the docks. Enil dragged Alen’s unconscious body away from Edabu, towards the fiery door.

     “Now Guardian… are you sure what you are doing is right?” Bara shot Edabu a weird smile. Edabu smiled back. “Oh great general of the Unknown, you don’t even know what I am trying to do”. Bara snarled and lunged at the dark skinned man.

     Alen groaned. He felt his world moving but at a snail’s pace. His back was hot and fiery. His hands felt like something was trying to rip them out of his shoulders.

     Enil passed the fiery door and exits the wall of darkness. The breeze from the sea struck his face and his body. He shivered. His cape flowed behind him. His golden gauntlet felt warm. It glowed and pulsated. The warmth from the gauntlet flowed through Enil’s vein into Alen’s body.

     Enil dragged Alen’s body towards the end of the dock and turned to the right following the trails left by the small fire. He leaned back and turned his head, glancing at the ship he was about to board. He stopped on his track. “Oh my god…”

     A fireball slammed and explodes upon impact on the wall of darkness. Bara stepped to the side, dodging an incoming fire missile and duck to avoid a fireball. The water under the dock became the battleground between two separate flames. Bara curled his hand into a ball and called forth a blue fireball. He held it and jumped into the air.

     Edabu eyed the bear on the sky. His staff burned with blue flame. His body had lost some of its weight and his feet felt light. He was panting. His skins charred, scratched and bruised. His tunic was smeared with blue liquid. He called forth several dots of orange circles, drawing them on the air, all pointing towards the bear. The bear unleashed the fireball in his hand and the sky erupted with colors of azure. Edabu made a long jump backwards and the orange circles he drew transformed into fire missiles.

     The fireball and the fire missiles streaked across the air cleaving it. They passed each other; a fire missile hits the fireball, changing the fireball’s trajectory. The others darted pass the azure flame and headed straight for Bara.

     “Die, Unknown” Edabu held his staff with both of his hands and strike the azure fireball. The impact trembles his hands and his body was thrown to the ground, scraping the hard wooden planks all the way to the end of the dock. He groaned and pushed himself up as he shook his head to clear his distorted vision.

     The fire missiles shot straight towards Bara. The bear clenched his teeth when the fireball he threw derailed from its path but managed to snag smile when the dark skinned man jumped backwards directly into the fireball’s path.

     Bara spins in the air, knocking the fire missiles away from him. A lone fire missile shot past through his spin and lanced his shoulder, splashing blue liquid into the ocean beneath. Bara grimaced and his spin stopped, throwing him down crashing into the ocean.

     “Come on!” Enil shouts as he dragged Edabu’s huge body from the dock into the ship. Edabu puts his hand around Enil’s shoulder. The two wobbled their way into the ship. “How do you sail this thing?” Enil grabbed hold of Edabu’s tunic, shaking his body.

     “Go to the wheel and tell it to sail. It will hear your call” Edabu’s voice was groggy.

     Enil turned to his tails and ran towards the wheel high on the aft of the ship. He looked to the wheel wondering if it will actually work. “Sail” he whispered to the wheel.

     And nothing happened.

     He frowned. The dock explodes into a ball of blue fire. “Seal bearer!” the voice of the creature boomed into the air.

     “Go! Sail!” Enil shouts to the wheel, panicked. The ship creaked. Foams of bubbles gurgled from the sea underneath the ship. Winds came from beyond the sea and swept the ship from behind. Slowly the ship began to steer itself away from the dock. It sailed sideways into the great ocean. The sails opened into four magnificent canvases. Another blast of wind came from behind them and it stretched the sails. The ship slashed through the ocean leaving the destroyed town.

     Enil looked behind to the destroyed town. His eyes saddened and he slumped to the floor. “I’m sorry…” he whispered to the air. Tears ran down his closed eyes as he topped them with his arm. The golden gauntlet glowed, sending the same weird sensation Enil felt when the gauntlet snaked its way into Alen’s body.

     The black ship sailed daftly in the open ocean. Its sails stretched with the winds constant behind it. It creaked with each blow from the waves below and swayed, bubbles of foam left its wake as it make its way alone in the black darkness of the night.

     Bara’s eyes flew towards the black ship out in the ocean. He stepped onto a blue fire. It crawled through his skin, snaking up his veins into his eyes where it melted and joined with the azure flame. His body riddled with cuts. Blue liquid trickled down every edge of his body. His shoulder holed but he made no sign of pain. He growled low as the ship disappeared into the dark night.

     “Seal bearer…” he snarled and turned away.

     “Is it over?” a girl’s voice broke the silence on the ship. The door that leads into the ship’s belly creaked open and a slender, dark skinned arm emerged from beyond the shadows. The young girl from the tavern looked outside and saw Alen and Edabu both sprawled on the deck, eyes closed but groaning. She ran towards them and held her fingers to their forehead. “Eneth Minara” she whispered. Her fingers glowed white and a swath of sweet smelling fragrance filled the entire ship.

     “Eliza!” a deeper voice emerged from behind the opened door. The floor creaked with footsteps.

     “Father, we need to help them” Eliza the young girl from the tavern held her fingers to Alen’s and Edabu’s foreheads.

     “Yes, but don’t you think it’s dangerous? What if that creature came back?” a thick arm grabbed on the wall around the door and pushed its owner forward. The old man from the tavern emerged with a bottle of juice in his hand. He looked to the sky; the blue moon poked the dark night sky like a huge button on a man’s shirt. “Eliza!” he looked at the girl with a stern eye.

     “Don’t worry father, we already sailed” Alen groaned and his eyelids flutter. Edabu opened his eyes and shot up, throwing Eliza to the wooden floor. He looked to the sky and then to himself. “I see you two are here” he looked at Eliza and her father and smiled.

     The old man walked to the mast and placed a tube filled with orange flame on the lamp holder. The wind flickers the flame with each touch and the waves rocked them to their sides.

     “Go help Enil first” Edabu points towards the wheel where another body lay sprawled. Eliza ran up the stairs and held her breath. She blushed but slowly inched closer to the man. She held out a finger and pressed it to the side of the man’s throat. “He is still alive, though his pulse is weak” she shouts to Edabu.

     “Good, will you please heal him?” Edabu shouts back to which Eliza nods. “Okay” she sends out a secret smile behind the wheel and placed two of her fingers onto Enil’s forehead. She giggled alone, her shoulders shuddered. “Eneth… Minara…” and the same glow reflected on the black wood of the wheel.

     Eliza’s father looked down on Edabu who was sitting cross leg with his palms pressed together in front of his chest. Eliza ran back down the stairs and joined her father. Alen was sitting with his legs out; he shook his head and rubbed his eyes. His face distorted and he ran his tongue all over his mouth.

     “The air taste like salt” he spits.

     “That’s because we’re out in the open sea” the old man gave him the bottle of juice in his hand which Alen gave a quick gulp.

     Eliza kneeled and looked to Alen. She smiled and it calmed Alen’s heart. He smiled back. “Where’s Enil?” he asked, his hand still rubbing his forehead. “And who are you?”

     Eliza points to the wheel up on the aft behind her. “Your friend is over there, he is alive so don’t worry about him”. She bowed her head. “And my name is Eliza” she smiled and points to her father. “That huge old man”, she paused. The old man behind her protested. “Hey! Watch your tongue missy!” only to have Eliza chuckled.

     “That man is my father, the Hero Kalvel”. She beamed another smile to Alen’s surprised face.