Unknown - Chapter 3

     Chapter 3

     “Oi!”, the voice was almost a shout but it held back like a whisper. Alen startled. Shit!, he knew he had fallen asleep. The crowd inside the market district had shrunk but the auction was still going on. Alen wiped the drool from the edge of his mouth and looked up. Enil stood looking down at him, face scorn.

     He threw the rope directly towards Alen’s head but the young man was quick to get out of the way. Enil slides down as fast as he could, eyeing the dark streets behind him. His spare bag bulged and clanked with things he had grabbed from the emporium hall. He took off his mask and shot his angry eyes at Alen. “What the hell! I told you not to fall asleep!”, he pushed Alen to the side and grabbed his sling bag.

     “Sorry! Couldn’t help it!”, Alen spoke in a whisper. Enil slings his bag to his side and gave the rope a tug. The hook jumped from the edge of the other side of the wall and fell down onto Alen’s hands. He opened his sling bag and hid the hook and the rope inside. The first light at the edge of the street nearest to the fountain area lit up.

     “Damn it, they’ve begun redistributing the power back to the streets, let’s go!”, Enil grabbed Alen’s hand and pulled him away into the still dark area of the neighborhood. Enil shot a smile at Alen but the young man was too busy looking down on the ground, embarrassed by his mistake.

     “Sorry, didn’t know I’d fell asleep”, Alen shot his voice to Enil. His friend glanced and smiled. “No matter. More importantly, I found things you would not have imagined!”, his voice was gleeful. The two teenagers ran down the dark street and shot to the right into the civilian district before all the lamp post illuminates the area.

     The archway leading to the civilian district was less majestic than the ones adorning the entrance to the market district but it was an awesome sight to behold. Enil dashed right through it as if it never stood there, leaving Alen, still awed at the archway to slow down into a jog.

     “Hey!”, Enil shouts from the other end of the street. Alen startled and dashed himself, regretting not being able to stare at the archway, towards his friend.

     Alen locked the door to his house and slumped his heavy sling bag down on the floor. Enil pants, his body already lying on the roughly made bed. His sling bag buried itself deep into the soft bed, heavy with items he had stolen from the emporium.

     Alen dragged the heavy sling bag across the room and let it sat near his bedside table. He slumped his body down on the bed next to Enil and shot a glance at his friend. Enil closed his eyes, taking his breathing slowly, one breath at a time. His heart rate began to slow down and his pulse calmed.

     “Patrols took the usual route, I suppose?”.

     “Yeah, they probably thought the last time was nothing. Which it was, those junks barely sell at Akams”, Enil joked. “It was lighter this year though, I thought there’d be plenty of guards since I heard the merchants from the west and the central lordship had shipped their rarest to the festival this year”, Enil bend his lips downward. “Guess it wasn’t that rare after all”. The two broke into laughter.

     “So, what did you grab?”, Alen looked at the heavy sling bag behind him. Enil turned around and grabbed the sling bag, pulling it closer. The bag let loose a barrage of silverware, a beautiful silver gauntlet with a dragon head etched on top of it, a rare looking feather and a weird looking cape.

     Alen looked with a frown. “This is it?”. Enil gave him a weird look. “Hey, the sling bag is not a travel bag, okay, you can’t put an elephant inside it!”, he threw the empty bag away. “Okay, okay, I was just joking, you’re too serious sometimes, you know that?”, he grinned. Enil rolled his eyes. “That’s you, dumb ass”. Alen snorted and sorted the items lying on the bed.

     Enil took the cape and swings it around himself. It gave out a chillingly cool air with each flap. Alen took the gauntlet and tried it on his arm. It was a perfect fit. “Hey, it fits me”, he smiled, showing the gauntlet to Enil who was still busy with his cape. He turned around. “Good, now take it off”, he gave the cape another swing. “Hey, check this cape out, the color on its inside changed as I swing it at a different angle. Cool, huh?”, his eyes was memerized by the cape.

     “Oh damn it!”

     Enil turned around. Alen was struggling with the gauntlet, trying to find the lock. “What’s wrong?”, he threw the cape onto the bed and went to Alen. “I can’t find the lock on this thing”, his eyes scanned the gauntlet as he turns it around with his arm. “The seams was gone too”. His fingers ran down the side of the gauntlet trying to feel the line that between the two lock.

     “Can you pull your hands out?”, Enil turned Alen’s arm around. “I don’t know, I don’t think so. It was a perfect fit”, his voice began to fill with concern. Enil ran his hand around the gauntlet. He frowned. “Yeah, the line is gone”, he sighed, disappointed. “What do we do now?”, Alen looked at his friend. “I don’t know”, a simple but worrying answer. Alen looked at the gauntlet and cursed his luck. Again..., his heart complained.

     Enil snug the silverwares and the cape into his sling bag and walked towards the door. “Meet me at Akams tonight, you hear? Maybe we can ask him to take a look at that gauntlet”, he gave a concern smile and left Alen’s house. Alen nods and saw his door shut on its own behind his friend. He slumped to the bed, his eyes looking at the silver gauntlet strapped on his arm. The silver poked through his eyes and his eyelids fell.

     His arms fell to the bed. The green eyes of the dragon eyes etched on the gauntlet glowed to life but Alen was already fast asleep.

     The sun poked through Alen’s eyes much to his annoyance. He groaned and grumbled, wiping his dry face with his hands. He deftly wiped his arms as fast as he could, trying to get the warmth to kick start his body. Alen shields his eyes with his hand and watched the sun penetrates his brown skin. His eyes widened. He rubbed his hand, “it’s gone…”, he looked around and saw the silver gauntlet sitting silently on the bed, its lock opened. Alen stared at the gauntlet only to have the knock on his door startled him.

     “Who is it?” he shouts from across the room. His eyes darted towards the door but his heart wanted to stare at the gauntlet.

     “It’s me, open up!” Enil’s voice broke from behind the door. He slammed his fists to it again, banging Alen’s ears. Alen got up and ruffled his unkempt hair. “I’m coming!”.

     The door swings open and Enil steps in with his usual clothing. Shirts and short pants with his sling bag to his side, bulging like a fat cat. Alen moved aside and let his friend make his way towards his bedroom. “The gauntlet’s off”, the door behind him closed with and clank. Enil looked at him and he pointed towards the bed. The young man turned and saw the gauntlet. He took it into his hand and stared at it. “How did you do it?”, his face unturned.

     Alen poured warm clear water into two mugs and hand one to Enil. “I don’t know, it did it on its own”, he yawned and gave the mug a sip. Enil took the mug from Alen’s hand and sat it on the bedside table. He took the gauntlet with both hands and placed it to his arm much to Alen’s surprise. “What the hell are you doing?” and Enil clipped the lock together. The gauntlet loosed down his forearm. Disappointed, he undid the lock and placed the gauntlet inside his sling bag. “Weird stuff…”, he grinned, “… but it’ll sure to fetch a hefty price”. His eyes turned to Alen, still sipping the warm water from his mug.

     “What the hell are you waiting for?”, he pushed Alen. Alen frowned. “What?”. Enil shook his head and slapped his forehead. “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten already?”, his voice thrown down.

     Alen looked to the ceiling of his room, trying to figure what Enil was talking about. Enil took the mug from the bedside table and gave it a quick gulp.


     “Remember now?” he shook his head again.

     “Shit, I haven’t thought of that yesterday!”, Alen rushed to the kitchen and placed his mug into the sink. He plucked his towel from the windows and rushed himself into the bathroom with his clothes on.

     A scream broke through from behind the bathroom wall.

     “Hurry up!” Enil shouts back.

     Moments later, Alen came out from the bathroom. Steam jellied from his body, his hair drenched, covering his face. He walked to the closet in front of his bed and took out a shirt and a long trouser.

     “Let’s go”, Enil’s voice came from the front door. Alen buttoned his pants and combed his hair with his fingers. He took his sling bag and puts on his best shoes before stepping out into the alley of the civilian district.

     The usual acrid smell of the drains flared his nostril. He rolled his sleeves and gave his hair another comb. Enil was already standing at the end of the alley heading to the streets. His head turned to the sides, watching for any passerby. He gestured with his hands for Alen to come. Alen tugged his pants high and made his way towards his friend.

     “Damn, I should’ve remembered it”, Alen whined as they walk down the streets towards the administration district. The streets was filled with naked children playing around, parents shouting at their children and the occasional old man piping out smoke from their ivory pipes sitting on empty barrels looking at passerby.

     They walked straight down the stone road and watched as the gold archway, the only archway in the colony that was made of pure gold, stood in front of them. The intricate design was written by the Lord Magistus himself, when the lordship designed the colony. It was a good luck charm for the colony though no one living on the colony knew what was written on the gold.

     “It’s a shame they scratched the gold with those useless and utterless word. I’d have use it and turn it into real usable money”, Enil complained. Alen smiled and shook his head ignoring them.

     “You think your godfather’ll be here today?”, Enil turned his head to Alen much to his surprise. Alen leaned his head to the side. “I don’t know, I suppose he’d be there”, though to be honest, he had rarely seen his godfather these last few months.

     “Alen! Enil! Over here!”, a coarse voice leaped to their ears. The two teenagers jerked their heads and looked around for the voice. A slender man, pointy face with thick moustache and a weirdly fashioned hair waved his hand towards them. He smiled, revealing his overgrown front tooth.

     The two teenagers looked at each other as a huge fireworks shrieked into the sky and explodes.

     “Ladies and Gentlemen, let the Trade Festivity begin!”, and another shot of seven fireworks streaked to the sky at the same time as the announcement was made. The crowd gathering in front of the plaza explodes into cheers as the music starts and the entertainment begins, marking the opening of the Trade Festivity. Alen and Enil walked past the crowd gathering at the center of the plaza and head straight to the old man.

     “I bet he’s going to tell us about that war story again”, Enil nudged Alen’s arm and sneered. Alen grinned.

     “You two lads were up to no good again last night?” the old man shot them a questionable glance which they both smiled to it. “Nope, though my friend Alen here did bump on a lamp post and slept over the morning”, Enil laughed together with the old man. Alen sighed. Here we go again…