The Time Traveler - part 1

"Thus it came to a ponder, said the master of science, that if time itself came to an end, what will happen to the rest of the world, universe, matter. Will we as a mass, stopped moving? for we know that time is the fourth dimension and each of the four dimensions interact with each other, giving them reality. So what will happen when time itself stops? Will we stopped..." the professor stayed perfectly still in the running man position. "... or we will just 'poof!' disappear into thin air?" gesturing a detonation using his thin long fingers.

Salem balanced his pencil at the tip of his upper lip, holding it still as his eyes darted around the lecture hall looking for anything interesting to watch. His head rested perfectly at the palm of both of his hands and placed his elbows on top of the table, creating a two legged support of some sort.

Both of his friends, Jim and Cart had fallen asleep only thirty minutes into their Time 101 class. They all know the professor, Doctor Klef Almish is one of the top scientists in Time research but he just doesn't cut out as a teacher. He was like priests giving sermons, with his monotone voice and elaborate explanation that more often that naught, swerved away from the main topic.

Salem and his bunch weren't suppose to register for the class had it not been for their poor result during their final years. They were lucky enough to got off with only warning from their supervisors, but with their lack of credit hour needed to graduate, they had to take one more class, and Time 101 is the only class left for them.

"So class, what if I tell you that, time itself is like an entity which, " he pulled out a white rope from the pocket of his lab coat, " like a long rope here as an example, can be bend, shorten, lengthen and..." the professor threw the rope away "... destroyed?". Most of the students turned their heads, murmured passes through the whole hall like mice.

Seeing he had caught the interest of his students, the professor walked towards his table and pulled from his back a model of a machine. Some of the students began to extend their necks for a clear view, those who sits at the back, stood up.

"This, class," the professor pulled a small table from the side of his desks and placed it at the center of the stage he was standing on. "is a model of the time transformer." He placed the plastic model on top of the table for his students to see.

A student sitting nearest to the stage shoots his hand up. The professor gestured him to speak. "What is a time transformer, professor? What does it do?" the student asked. The professor gave him a huge smile and walk towards the black board behind him with a white chalk in hand. He wrote two words in capital letters.