Oh Well...

Disabilities have been part of Sean's life ever since he could remember. He had seen, watched and even experienced all kinds of disabilities yet when it comes to his own, he was always in denial. Although he didn't mean it, but Sean knew that some of his friends thinks of him as a cold hearted person, but who wouldn't, he let an old woman crossed the street when the traffic lights were green causing the old woman to, well, die after being hit by a huge lorry.

But Sean didn't think of it that way. He always thought that, "hey, it's their life let them live it like they want it. And if they die from it, it's their fault, not mine". His friends had tried so many things just to explain to him how important being alive is but Sean only turned a deaf ear towards them. He even giggled when one of his friends slapped him in the face for being a jerk.

But Sean didn't care.

And then one day, a tragedy struck. Sean was walking down the street on the pedestrian walk when suddenly, out of nowhere, a lorry became out of control and swerved heavily towards the pedestrian walk. Sean was surprised when he looked and saw the horror in the face of the people several yards in front of him. He looked back and saw the large container swiveled towards him at high speed.

He was horrified and the world turned black.

Sean opened his eyes groggily. He felt light headed and had a hard time focusing his blurry vision. He turned his head to the sides, trying to make out where he is. He could see a woman in white to his left, keeping his eyes open with her one hand and pointing and moving a flashlight down his face with the other.

She switched the flashlight off and looked across her."His eyes are dilating, he's going into coma!"

Sean turned to his right and saw another woman, younger, he thought but could not make it out, putting some sort of a gas mask onto his face. He then felt a slight pressure on his chest as the woman stood up and pressed her hands onto his naked chest.

"Is this an ambulance?" Sean wondered.

"Am I going to die?"

"I think I'm going to die..."

"Couldn't think of anything else..."

"I wonder what the other's might have been thinking about when they hear about this..."

"Oh Well... "

"... I am deaf, I couldn't possible hear them even if I wanted to..."

Sean closed his eyes and breath his last breath.