Time War - Chapter 1

The clear color of yellow splashes all over the green hills in front of the mental institution, brightening, and breathing life into the somewhat somber institution. People looking at the institution would probably not believe the place being a mental institution with all the bright colors splashing the walls creating paintings and murals.

In the inside compound of the mental institution which houses the only garden inside the institution, a cleaner in his thirties, walks around with clipboard in his hand as he checks and inspects everty nook and crany of the compound. This is his life, his routine, his job, but not his hobby.

"Hey Zack, wanna go for a quick breakfast?" a voice came from behind the man.

Zack's was taken by a surprise by the voice. He turns around and met the man behind the voice.

"Hey Kam, sure, but I need to go back to my room first. Need to change and have a bath first" Zack replied ad gave Kam a tired smile. Kam smiled back and nod. "I'll go first then. Meet you up at the cafe". Zack just nod and continued his job inspecting the compound.

"God this is tiring..." thought Zack to himself as he slammed the door to his locker and lock it.

Zack walked his way back to his room on the tenth floor of the apartment situated across the main building of the mental institution which is situated next to the garden compound he inspected earlier. Being the cleaner, it is his job to wake up early every morning and inspect the compound and the surrounding building before he starts his work.

Zack stepped into the elevetor and pressed the button 10. The elevetor door closed silently and opened up with a "ting" upon reaching the tenth floor. Zack stepped out and walked slowly towards his room which is situated directly a few doors away from the elevator. Zack rub his head to relinquish the tiredness. As he reached the door to his room, Zack was surprised to see a woman, bloodied all over her body, sitting with her knees on her chest, in front of his door.

Zack rushed towards the woman and looked around. "No one... and not even a bloodstain..." he wondered inside his heart. He felt a little weird but seeing the bloody woman in front of him, Zack pushed the thought aside and checked the woman for pulse. He put his index and middle finger together and placed them at the woman's neck.

"She's alive..."

Zack held the woman on her shoulders and shook her gently to wake her up. The woman moaned but her eyes weren't moving. Zack panicked for awhile.

"Okay... calm down, she's still alive... I need to stop the bleeding" Zack thought to himself.

He unlocks the door and in one quick motion, grab the woman onto his arm and closed the door behind him.

"Shit, the hell should I do now?" he asked, his heart still racing with adrenaline.

Zack carried the woman to his bed and placed her there. He got up and scrambled to the kitchen to look for medications or first aid kits that he had stored there. He always have two first aid kits inside his house. It was his mom's teaching "just to be on the safe side" she always said.

Zack opened the kitchen cabinet and took hold of the first aid kit. He opened it and took out a bandage, a bottle of iodine and a pair of scissor. He also took out a bundle of gauss from the first aid kit before rushing back to his room.

He ran into his room huffing. He hold onto his knees and pushed his head up to see the woman, only to drop his jaw.

The woman is gone...

To be continued...