The clock on his bed shows twelve midnight and Azri was alone in his room, studying. He has a history test tomorrow so he is making his last spurt of studying before he went to bed. With his textbook standing in front of him, spreading itself, Azri notes down every important points that he had learned from his history class. He made himself a last minute flash note, to help him refresh his memory after he wakes up.

As he busily jots down all the important points into his flash note, he heard a low hum coming from the back of his house, where his room is facing. Living in the second floor of a double storey house with his family of seven, Azri wondered what had caused the hum. He stopped writing and closes his book. He opened the window to the dark night sky outside and peaked into the gentle blue illuminated backyard of his house, but he couldn't see a thing. He closed the window, stood up and walked towards the door that connects his room to the second floor living room.

He peeked outside-it's dark and not a single soul alive. From his door, he could see the big staircase at the center of the second floor living room. His parents are sleeping in the master bedroom, situated next to his, while his other siblings are sleeping in three rooms, one for his two brothers, and the other two for his four sisters. His brothers shared the room left of his, while his sisters are in the two room opposite his room. Being the oldest, he was given his own room, in which he filled with his favourite novels, video games and his computer.

Azri pushes the door slowly, not wanting to wake anyone up and walked outside into the living room. The gentle blue light of the moon shining from the sky and into the living room from the staircase window illuminated the living room and the staircase with an eerie pale blue light. Being a little weak in his knees, Azri began imagining all sorts of things. He felt a bit scared, but wanting to know what causes the hum, which he can still clearly hear despite being a little far from the backyard made him determined, a bit.

Azri slowly walked down the staircase, lucky for him, it was made of marble, so he could calmly walk without making any noise. He took slow steps down the staircase and  into the main living room area. The place is dark, with only a dim pale blue light from the staircase illuminating part of the main living room  and he could only barely make his bearing around. He moved slowly, hitting the sofa and the side table as he moves. 

Azri made his way to the kitchen,  where he could see a strange green light, pulsating from beyond the kitchen's window, in the backyard of his house. And from it came out a figure, a man, or so he thinks. Azri gulped and walked towards the door at the end of the kitchen, picking up a wooden broom for his weapon as he comes near the door. He slowly turned unlocked the door and turned the door knob, but went he stepped out into his backyard, he could only manage to gasp.

In front of him, with his back facing Azri, is a tall man, will long hair and a weird clothing of red t-shirt, green jacket, a standard cut blue jeans or so he thought it is, and black leather boots. The man was standing, facing away from his house. Azri began to sweat hard, he nearly slumped to the ground from his weak knees, but he quickly took a deep breath and harden his legs. With the wooden broom still in his shaking hands, Azri moves forward, towards the strange man in front of him.

"Who are you!" said Azri, pointing the head of the wooden broom towards the man's head.

The man's shoulder moved, a bit shocked to hear another's voice coming from behind him. He turned around and faced Azri, who is drenched in sweat and struggling to keep his shaking hands from slipping the wooden broom he is holding. The man gave Azri a smile and bowed at him.

"Who are you!" said Azri again, still pointing the head of the wooden broom towards the man's face, which he now can clearly see. In front of him is a handsome man, probably in his thirty, with a well trimmed goatee, lean cheeks and sunken eyes, smiling at him as he bowed to him.

"Do not worry young one, I am only here for a brief time" said the man in his low toned voice. The man's voice reminded Azri of Darth Maul from Star Wars episode one. 

Azri, still struggling to keep hold of his wooden broom, realized that the green light that he saw from the kitchen had disappeared and only the gentle ray of the dim blue light from the moon illuminates the backyard. His heart races harder, he wanted to shout for help, but somehow, he could not, no, his voice does not want to do so.

The man sits down, much to Azri's shock. He crosses his legs and shuts his eye, taking a calm and slow breath as he relax himself, as if he is meditating. Azri moved back a little and points the head of his wooden broom down, still towards the man's face.

Suddenly, a small beeping sound came from the man. He opened his eyes and rolls up his sleeves, revealing a small watch, pulsating with gold light each time it lets out a beep. The man stood up and turned his back towards Azri, who was shocked to see the sudden movement coming from the man. 

From the man's back, Azri could see a dim gold light pulsating slowly. He looked hard at it and noticed that the light is actually an object, a long object, like a sword but with winding blade and a small hilt, with half of the hilt twisted at ninety degrees. He could not make out what the object was but as the gold light becomes brighter, it gradually comes to him. It is a kriss.

The man turned his head towards Azri and smiled. "Well, nice to meet you, young one" said the man, and his body began to disappears into the thin air. 

"Wait!" said Azri, but the man is already half transparent. The man took out a pendant-like object from the pocket of his jacket and strecthed his half transparent hand towards Azri who, instinctively reaches out for it. Azri grabs hold of the pendant and at the same time, a flash of gold light filled the area, blinding Azri. Azri's world suddenly turned dark.

"Azri! Wake up or you'll be late for school!" shouts Azri's mom from downstair. Azri woke up to a startle. He looked around and realized that he is in his room again. His hair was all messed up and his notes scattered on his study table. He had fallen asleep half way through his study, he thought. He looked at the clock on his bed, it was half past seven. 

"Oh man, I'm gonna be late!" said Azri as he stood up and rushes to the bathroom. He took a quick bath and hurriedly pack his school bag with his notes and stationaries, leaving his history textbook with its open pages down on the study table. He opened the window to his room, facing the backyard of his house and looked down. What a weird dream, he thought to himself and rushes out of his room.

Unrealized by Azri, underneath his history book, a small pendant-like object began to slowly pulsatate a dim green light, shining the two initials carved on it... H.T.