No need to know

M.E was a shy boy, who lived near a large shopping mall, the largest in the region. He likes to surf the internet everyday, and rarely goes out with his friends. To him, his friend on the internet is more fun than the one outside.

M.E is also quite secretive. He likes to show that he doesn't like to watch a particular show, but in reality, he watches it and follows it closely than anyone could have imagined. He'd go around saying "I don't watch that kind of show" to everyone yet when someone asked him where to get a certain series, usually regarding idols, he'd answer it lightning fast. After that he'd edit his message and remove it before others could know about it.

One day, M.E met his friend, internet friend and on the internet, whom he had befriended for quite some time. They talked about everything from idols to games when suddenly, another one of his friend jumped into their conversation, this time, a girl. She asked whether anyone knew where to get a certain drama starred by certain idols from a certain group. His friend said he didn't know but M.E quickly and swiftly, pointed towards several websites to the girl. The three of them talked for awhile about the drama, and M.E's friend who could not contain his amazement anymore, asked M.E where did he knew all of that.

M.E, without realizing it, answered his friend's question much to his friend's amazement. His friend laughed hard upon hearing M.E's secret. The girl thanked M.E for the information and M.E immediately and swiftly deletes every message that was shown on the chat window. His friend asked him why did he did that in which M.E replied-

"There is no need for anyone else to know" he said, pointing at the other chatters who were asleep at the time.

His friend just laugh away as he watch M.E deletes every message from the chat window...