Congkak - Chapter 1

(This has nothing to do with the malay movie of the same name)

Congkak, the game that has been passed down to the Malays throughout the generations and was said to be sacred. Legend has it that inside one congkak board possessed by the rulers of the late Malacca dynasty lies the greatest art of all martial arts and the one who attains it, is considered the king in the world of martial art.

Legend also has it that there is one particular congkak board with a very weird design that was handed down by the royal family to the family of the great warrior Hang Tuah, but its whereabouts were lost with the disappearance of Hang Tuah from the face of the earth. Some say that that very congkak board was actually passed down to a boy under the tutelage of Hang Tuah himself, but that story was never approved and the boy's existence were never known.

Several thousand years later...

Deep in the hearts of Malacca city, a young man in his twenties was walking around aimlessly amidst the busy streets. Saddled behind him is an old looking congkak board with weird design, unseen on modern boards. The young man has a sharp eye and his stride is long and proud. He wears a hooded jacket, a blue, standard cut jeans and sneakers. To the naked eyes, the boy looks like any ordinary young man of his age, except for the lone congkak board that he has on his back.

He wanders around the streets, looking at everyone that he could get his eyes on. Some, who noticed him, didn't stare back at him, afraid of his sharp eyes, while others just ignores him. The young man continued walking when suddenly, he was pushed to the ground from behind by two ugly looking thugs. A bald guy wearing a weirdly designed shade and a scarred face guy hiding a small knife in his hand. Without giving him the chance to get up, the thugs drag him into a lonely backstreet.

"Give us all you got and we'll spare you" said the bald thug.

"No" said the young man.

"Then die, and regret it in hell!" shout the scarred face thug and lunges himself towards the young man with his knife, now fully shown, in front of him, trying to stab the young man.

The young man, without a single word, turned to his side and as he turns hits the face of the scarred face guy with his congkak board. The hit threw the scarred face guy backwards into the wall of the adjacent building, creating a crack.

The bald guy, seeing his friend beaten, lunges himself towards the young man with his fist, but before he could even hit the young man, he found himself pushed backwards towards the dumpster and was knocked out.

The young man quickly sweeps away any dirt he had gotten off his shirt and looked at the two, now unconscious man. He walked towards the scarred face guy and searched his pockets for his wallet. He took out a black leather wallet and took from it all the money he could find, leaving behind an empty wallet. He then moved to the bald guy and did the same to him. As he finished looting the thugs, the young man walked out into the streets, back into the crowd but as he was a bout to step out, he sensed something. The young man turned around and looked up at one of the building's rooftop.

On it is a man dressed in leather jacket wearing a dark sunglass, looking down onto him. The young man puts his hood back, turned away, and disappeared into the crowd.

The man on the rooftop looks at the young man below as he disappears into the crowd. "So you have finally come out, King." he said and disappear as a flock of crows flies away.