You just need to get back up

There was a guy named Dee, he lives in an apartment, alone all by himself. His apartment is nice. It had a good view of the bustling metropolitan in front of it and the location is strategic for him, only a few minutes walk from his office. He likes it very much, so much that he sometimes felt hard to part from it.

Dee, is a loner. Well, maybe not always, but most of the time, he tends to sit by himself, looking at the sky, his surroundings and the people around him. He rarely talk to others. He also enjoys surfing the net and chatting with his internet friends and his family who lived far from him.

Dee never tried to make friends, not because he hates people, but because he is extremely shy. To him, making friends is like forcing the others to accept him, which he cannot do. He prefers them to get to know him eventually or in his case 'naturally'. Which is why he had so little friends.

One day, Dee was tempted to do something he never imagined.

He was thinking of doing a drama script. He gave it a thought for awhile and decided to try his luck on it.

He jot down a few lines. The few lines becomes paragraphs, the paragraphs becomes chapters, the chapters becomes volumes-

Suddenly, he stopped writing, right before the end of his script.

Something flashes through his mind. A feeling of hesitation, of fear of the unknown, a fear of rejection.

His put his pen down and stopped writing altogether. He began having second thoughts. He became restless. The feelings of hesitation, the fear of rejection began to grip his mind. He wanted to finish it, but he could not. Ideas were pouring out of his brain like rainstorms, but he could not make his hand move to write them down.

Why now?
Why so close to the end?

He kept repeating the same question.

Suddenly, his computer screen flickered to life. Someone had messaged him. Dee took a quick look at messenger. It was his mother.

Dee told his mother about everything. His sudden feeling of fear and hesitation, his inability to write due to those feelings, everything. His mother replied.

Don't worry.
Life is about taking risks.
You will fall someday,
but it doesn't mean that it is the end.
I support you, your father supports you.
You have your family behind you, supporting you.

His mother's line continued.

It is obvious for one to hesitate.
It is obvious for one to fear the unknown.
And it is also obvious for one to fear rejection.
That is what being a human is all about.
All you need to remember is
Everytime you fall down,
You just need to get back up.