It's a frog!

I'm B, well, that is what my friends called me.

I live in a house, a small, cramped and smelly house, but I liked it. It shed me from the raging ray of the big bad red and yellow sun. I hate the sun, it dries my skin up and I could not move as agile as I normally am when I'm under it. My house also provides me with my favorite cool breeze. Sometimes, I'd ask my friends to come over and we would party all day long.

I also like fishing - A lot. My friends and I particularly, likes to do it 'barehanded'. It kinds of a test of agility. I always ranked in between them, not at the top nor the bottom.

Life is so much fun being me. Every morning, I would go to the pond, waiting for fishes to come by and watch them swim pass me. I usually lure the smaller ones to me, the bigger ones...well, they are too much for me, so I usually skip them.

The other day, I caught my friends talking about something called 'frogs'.I don't really understand what the fuss were. They talked about these frogs, about how sticky and slimy they were and why some people hated them so much. I just ignored them seeing I'm not really the most knowledgeable person around and am particularly interested in sticky slimy thing.

Then, one morning, as I make my way to the pond as I usually did, I saw a boy, standing near the pond. He brought a net with him and he looks like as if he was searching for something. Maybe he lost his favorite pen, I thought...okay, I guessed, whatever. I walked to him and asked him what did he lost. The boy was shocked to see me at first, but then he simply grinned. I don't really understand why, but I smiled back at the boy, it doesn't hurt being courteous, mom always said.

Out of a sudden, the boy swooped his net onto me. Luckily, being agile makes me able to evade the incoming net. I was surprised. What the hell was this boy thinking. I am no fish!. I tried to talk to the boy, but he didn't reply, he continued grinning as his eyes fixated on me. I was terrified.

I ran.
I hop along the stones on the pond.
And dodging.
I panicked.

Luckily, I saw my escape route, a small stone sitting right next to the side of the pond, near a bush. I thought to myself, hey, I could hide in there!.

So I hop and I ran.
Until I reached the stone.
I was about to hop into the bush when-

A huge net came down right in front of me.
Oh shit!
I was caught by the boy.
I panicked, my heart races.
And I blacked out.
The last thing I heard was the boy yelling.

"Mom! Look! It's a frog!!"