Hitting it high

John was a pro baseball player. He was well-known for his awesome batting skill, hitting a thousand ball by the time he was 20 and getting his first MVP for both the major league and the World Series by the time he hits 24. When asked what was on his mind every time he bats, John always answered, "I wanted to hit it high".

But unknown to the masses, John was also short-tempered. His friends were scared of him every time he losses his temper in the locker room. No one could calm him down when he hits red. His wife was no exception. Although John would never beat her, he always complains each time she makes a mistake in something, whether it was the taste of her cooking or how she arranged the house.

Other than that, John was also an obsess when it comes to muscle training. He could train for hours, mostly by himself and sometimes even to the extend of leaving his wife for days just to make sure he is in top condition for his matches. He trained his body so well, it could rival a body builder. But his obsession, turned into his tragedy when one day, he received a call as he was training, saying that his wife was killed in an accident. He was devastated. And to top the devastating feeling, the doctor who examined his wife told him that she was 3 weeks pregnant. The news broke him, the once strong John, now broken into million pieces. He turned to alcohol and drugs as his anti-depressant. He drank and took drugs every day.

John fell even more depressed when his team ditched him, canceling their contract with him. He has nothing left. His baseball that he loved has left him, his beloved wife has left him. All, because he wanted to hit it high.

"Hitting it high, huh..." whispered John slowly.

He walked slowly towards the balcony of his 30-story apartment. His eyes red from tears and his mouth reeks of alcohol. He was drunk.

"Hitting it high...ha...haha....hahaha" laughed John as he scaled the balcony's fence.

Below him, the neons and car headlights lights up the busy city. People looked like ants from where he is standing. John looked down to them.

"All, because I wanted to hit it high..." whispered John slowly.

He began to broke into tears. He could no longer bear the pain. He wanted everything to over. He jumped.

In his eyes, a bright flash of light surrounds him as his life flashes back to his mind. His childhood, his introduction to baseball, his meeting with his wife, his marriage, his baseball, his wife...the only person he ever loved.

And then all went black.

"All because I wanted to hit it high...."