God! This is boring!

Greg is a university student at one of the famous universities in the US. He can be considered normal among his peers, not standing out too much from the crowd. He lives alone, he likes it, lack of friends is not a bother to him.

Greg's university life is a normal one. He goes to class everyday at noon and back before six in the evening. The circle have been going on for four years, but on the fifth, something happened. He entered his final year.
The research lab.

Greg likes doing research but he never expected it to be something like what he is seeing right now. Greg and 8 other new students that were added to the research lab was told to participate in the final year research presentation held by their seniors as an outside group. Greg was happy at first, but as the date of the presentation comes closer, he began to have second thoughts.

Then, on the day of the presentation, his worst fear, became a reality.

He and the other 8 have been scheduled to sit for all fourteen presentations, which, according to his calculation, would take the whole day to finish. Greg became frustrated. He did not mind one or two presentation, but all fourteen is out of his league. But since he already signed up, he had no choice but to watch the presentations.

The presentation began at ten in the morning and lasted for one and a half hour before their first break for the day. Greg, sitting at the corner of the room, had only one thought in his mind.

"God! This is BORING!!" he screamed in his head.

And then he fell asleep...